Even the medium-term sustainability of any of CEP’s Teaching and Learning programs must be reliant on passing on the process to individuals and institutions within the countries we work in. The mainstay of this aspect of the initiative will be the ongoing support and development of facilitators of workshops. The process will take various forms - dedicated courses, mentoring and shadowing within the main Teaching and Learning programs, and distance support. The aim is to develop and support a cadre of academics interested and experienced in the facilitation of Teaching and Learning programs, who will themselves form an ongoing, sustainable, international network.

This "toolkit" area of the Teaching and Learning pages is intended as a developing resource to support this aim and its various components. At least initially it will exist as an adjunct to the main areas of the pages - Resources for all academics, and the main Teaching and Learning programs. However, as the current academic year progresses, the toolkit will expand considerably, with, we hope, contributions from emergent facilitators. If you have experience as a facilitator in teaching and learning, and would like to contribute to CEP’s work, please refer to the Profiles of Facilitators page.

As the pages expand, they will include:

  • workshop sessions used within CEP programs, written up for other facilitators to use in their own contexts,
  • materials (handouts, overhead slides, etc.) for workshops, and
  • tools and literature on techniques for group work and group reviews.

If you have any questions or comments about these pages, or any suggestions of other aspects we might add, or any materials that we could use, please contact us.

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