The contained in these pages are grouped by topics, although in many cases the divisions are somewhat arbitrary. The resources include:
- Full-texts articles & reports of practice
- References (books and articles)
- Web-links, with notes as to what you may expect to find within them

This area is intended to be very much a ‘living-resource’, contributed to by those who use it. As such, if you would like to suggest an addition of any type, or have any feedback for us, or if you have any specific requests of areas you’d like to see covered, please do let us know.


A number of the references in these pages are to books. These are not aimed at being bibliographies - however, one such is contained elsewhere on this site click here. Rather, they are all texts that have been or are used within one of CEP’s own Teaching & Learning projects, or in one CEP has been associated with. Some also have reviews or/& tables of contents included. If you are interested in reviewing any of the books listed, please contact us.

A copy of the books listed under the title TLIbrary is contained in the Teaching & Learning resource center in the Szent István tér 11/B, Budapest 1051 Hungary
Phone: (36-1) 327-3219. The books are available for CEP Fellows, either to consult when they are in the office, or to borrow for short periods of time by prior arrangement. For further details, please contact us.

Assessment of students

'Classroom' techniques

Course and curriculum design

E-Learning & information technology

Learning Theories & Lifelong Learning

Professional Development in Higher Education

Research and PhD

Simulations and Experiential Learning

Study Skills - writing and reading

Teaching methods, methodologies & strategies

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