Part of the general strategy of our Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) is to identify potential course facilitators who would be interested in participating in our programs. Participation might involve conducting sessions at a range of methodology workshops in the areas of teaching and learning, research and other professional skills, online mentoring, or providing expert information and advice to our team.

Our plan is to build a course facilitator database, which will be available on our web site to the TLI coordinators throughout the region when designing the programs of the methodology workshops. This database will enable the coordinators to choose from a pool of course facilitators, and contact them in preparation for the workshops.

We are inviting CEP Fellows, alumni and professionals from outside CEP who would like to take part in this program to fill in the information sheet indicating: academic background; expertise and research interests in teaching and learning methodology, curriculum development, research and academic skills; their teaching philosophy; availability; and contact information.

As you will see in the questionnaire, you will be able to determine whether you wish the information that you have provided to be made public on our website or be available only for members of the TLI team.

With questions about the questionnaire or the program, please contact Dr. Dave Carter at dcarter@cepnet.hu. 

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