The European Studies Network (ESN) is an initiative designed to facilitate cooperation and strengthen intraregional academic exchanges among specialists in European Studies from Central and South Eastern Europe. The network has been designed as a tool for developing projects in teaching and research, a source of information for those who are teaching, researching or studying the ongoing European Integration process at universities throughout the region.

Goals and objectives

We hope that ESN will become a forum for discussion in the field of European Studies, facilitating contacts and joint projects among scholars and practitioners from Central and South Eastern Europe.

The main goals of the European Studies Network are

  • to build a regional network of specialists and junior faculty in European Studies;
  • to support the professional skills development of the network members and facilitate communication among them;
  • to generate joint research projects in European Studies
  • to promote new approaches to teaching and research methodologies in the discipline
  • to facilitate members’ access to sources of information relevant to the EU integration process;
  • to focus and work in sub-disciplines of European Studies that are especially relevant for Central and South Eastern Europe in addressing specific needs of the region


ESN is supported financially by CEP’s Academic Network Initiative and in-kind by the Romanian Society of Political Science.

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