CEP launched its Bulgaria program in 1992. Since then more than sixty five Visiting Faculty Fellows - VFFs (formerly Visiting Lecturers) and Local Faculty Fellows - LFFs (formerly Eastern Scholars) have taught courses in the humanities and social sciences at eleven major state and private universities. In the 2002-03 academic year, the program is supporting three Visiting Faculty Fellows, six Local Faculty Fellows, and seven Teaching Development Program (TDP) Fellows. The trend in CEP-Bulgaria as been for the VFF program to become smaller and the programs for local faculty to expand. This is a logical development for this program as most of the universities in Bulgaria already have partnerships with Western academic institutions or participate in a number of European Union programs for lecturer and student exchanges. The VFF program, however small, remains an important element of the CEP program in Bulgaria, complementing the local faculty programs. With their different approaches, teaching styles, and backgrounds, VFFs complement the strong base of CEP’s local academics and add new perspectives and an international component to the CEP team.

"We greatly enjoy working with the CEP lecturers. And our students adore them."
Roumiana Petrova, Senior Lecturer, Rousse University

CEP Fellows are actively involved in higher education reform. They contribute to the increasing adherence to world standards in teaching by developing new courses, reorganizing departments, and educating the next generation of academics. Lecturers introduce their students and colleagues to new teaching techniques and materials. Interactive methods of education enable them to capture students' attention and make the classroom an engaging and supportive place. CEP Fellows teach students how to think critically and acquire knowledge through logic, rather than rote learning and rhetoric. A CEP course means a different and challenging way of studying and a gateway to further opportunities.

"I have seen first hand the difference CEP can make for students and universities in transitional societies - providing vital educational tools and new directions for students and faculty, strengthening the commitment to civil society and democracy in the region."
Robert Castle, Visiting Lecturer alumnus, Rousse and New Bulgarian Universities

As part of its efforts to encourage and support the involvement of young regional scholars in academia, CEP launched the Teaching Development Program (TDP) for junior Bulgarian academics in 2001. Participants in this program have just started their academic careers at universities in their home country and CEP offers them a two-year training program tailored to their needs. The program is built around three workshops each year, with the first set focusing on teaching and the other on research and other professional skills. In the current academic year the training program on teachings methods is being conducted jointly with Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking.

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