Discussion Series

The Civic Education Project announces the launching of the Discussion Series, which will publish papers by academics from Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The papers are intended to give circulation to social science research taking place in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as to create a forum for discussion on pertinent issues in this region.

CEP hopes that this publication will provide the opportunity for much-needed exchange of information and views on issues that are arising out of the transitions to democratic societies and free market economies taking place in the countries of this region. We believe it is particularly important for scholars from this region to have a voice in the international arena.

The Discussion Series will be published in Budapest and widely distributed to individuals and organizations with an interest in the post-communist transition in Europe and Eurasia. Selected papers will be translated into Russian and other international languages.

Call for Papers

Scholars from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are invited to submit academic work (approximately 5000 words in length) for consideration for the series. Contributors should have received a postgraduate degree in the past ten years or be enrolled in a doctorate program, and preferably should be pursuing an academic career in the region. Please consult further instructions for submissions.

A Guide for Submissions

Call for Commentary

To promote intellectual exchange on the topics published in the Discussion Series, we solicit commentary and opinions on the issues presented. Readers are encouraged to contact the authors directly. Additionally, the Discussion Series will publish selected comments in future issues. Submissions should not exceed 1000 words and should be forwarded to CEP’s European Office. Email: cep@cepnet.hu.

Other publications in the Discussion Series

Volume 1
Issue 1:

Euro-Shape and Local Content: The Bottom Line of Romanian Higher Education Reform
Alexandra Horobet and Bogdan Chiritoiu
(Email: cep@cepnet.hu)

Issue 2:

Transformation of the Hungarian Higher Education System in the 1990s
Ildikó Hrubos
(Email: cep@cepnet.hu)

Issue 3:

Progress and Issues of Reforming Social Science Curricula in Ukraine
by Elena Kovaleva
(Email: cep@cepnet.hu)

Issue 4:

A Review of the System of Higher Education in Bulgaria
by Nikolay Popov
(Email: cep@cepnet.hu)

Issue 5:

Social Sciences and Higher Education in Belarus: Need and Potential for Reform
by Nikolai Petroukovich
(Email: cep@cepnet.hu)

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